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Acrohm, founded in 2018, is an electronic cigarette company offering innovative and high quality products.
With its expertise in safety, efficiency and manufacturing, Acrohm stands out in the industry as being different and unique.
Optimized for SEO, the brand is aimed at an international clientele with a high-performance R&D and marketing team, offering quality service and cutting-edge technologies.

Acrohm, founded in 2018, is a company specialized in the creation of innovative and high quality products for the electronic cigarette industry.
With an experienced sales team and complete manufacturing equipment, Acrohm follows a production philosophy focused on safety, quality and efficiency. The company stands out for its goal of being different, unique and authentic, quickly carving out a place in the industry and setting high technical standards.

Acrohm provides services to domestic and international clients, including import and export management, out-of-home advertising, trade show participation and product presentation.
In addition to this, the brand provides an online and media presence to promote its retail products and services.

Through hard work, Acrohm has managed to expand its business, now with a sophisticated R&D team and a dedicated marketing team.
The company is committed to providing quality service and cutting-edge technologies to its users.

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