Tous les produits de la marque 3.14 Mods

3.14 Mods is a French brand specialized in creating mods for electronic cigarettes.
Combining passion, know-how and originality, their products are designed to offer solidity, practicality and aesthetics.
With SEO optimization, 3.14 Mods is positioned as a reference in the field of quality and tailor-made mods for demanding vapers.

3.14 Mods is a French company passionate about creating personalized and unique products, with its workshop located at 3 ter chemin des Thos, 34800 Brignac, and its head office at 16 rue Pierreuse, 77730 Citry.
The process of creating their mods is inspired by encounters, favourites for materials, formats or originality that spark innovative ideas.
Each idea is meticulously crafted to become a creation 3.14 Mods, always seeking the perfect balance of forms and the accuracy of volumes.
The company’s ambition is to offer solid, practical and beautiful Mods, characterized by pure and architectural lines, simple and essential shapes, while being full of character.

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