Step 1: Register on our site

To place your first order on our site, it is essential to create your customer area.For this, apply the following procedure:
- Click on the "identify yourself" icon at the top right then select "No account? Create one" .
- In the form create your account by filling in the indicated fields (title, first name, last name, e-mail, telephone, password and date of birth) and tick, if you

if desired, subscription to our newsletter to stay informed of our offers as a priority. Finalize by clicking on "Save" .

Your account is created, you are now ready to place your first order.
Step 2: Place your order

Thanks to your registration, you now have a basket which will allow you to prepare your articles.
Once your shopping is done, follow the procedure below:
- Go to your "Basket" . You will find details of the items you have selected. When you are ready click on "Order" .
- Fill in the personal information that is related to the delivery of your order. Indicate your postal address (or the address where you wish to receive the package) as well as your mobile phone number.
- Uncheck "Also use this address for billing" if the billing address is different from the delivery address. Then click on "Continue" .
- The delivery method will be automatically selected. You can leave us message about your order. For example a detail for the delivery or if you have questions about it. "Continue" the procedure, you are almost there!
- Provide the information of your means of payment by card (VISA, Mastercard or American Express).
- Read and accept the "Terms and Conditions of Sale" . - Finish by clicking on Order with payment obligation .

Voila, your order is placed! It is now in our hands. As soon as it is sent, we will
submit a tracking number that will be available directly in "your account"
Allow a delivery time of 24 to 48 hours to France.